On The Street: Meet Morag And Pamela

So I’m in the middle of NY Fashion Week chaos and haven’t been updating Upper West Side Style. A pox upon me! There’s been so much going on at Lincoln Center this week that I really should have been sharing in real time. But I’ve been taking notes and lots of pictures, so will give you a recap post when it’s all over. If you’re interested, check out the exhaustive coverage over at Fashionista (where I have been toiling tirelessly this week).

Anyway, I was leaving the tents at Lincoln Center the other day, when a chartreuse vision caught my eye near 68th and Broadway:

I had to go speak to these joyful and confident ladies and congratulate them on their individualism. Morag was wearing a Lie Song Bong coat and Pamela had on a Michael Kors fox (fur haters, please keep it to yourself for a minute). Apparently MK only made two of the coats, the other of which was purchased by a Saudi Arabian princess. Please also note her hot pink accessories. I approve!

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4 responses to “On The Street: Meet Morag And Pamela

  1. Thank you, Cheryl! I love everything about this post — you really captured the moment. You are awesome, and it was a great treat to meet you! Keep sharing your sense of style on the UWS!

  2. Wonderful coats. I’d wear the MK fur – it’s green. For the most part and from a distance no one would need to know that one was wearing a deceased animal. If an observer was rude enough to insinuate otherwise you could answer “yes it is real fur, I farmed and skinned 12 Sesame Street monsters to get it. They had a good life”.

    I have a vintage fur that belonged to my gran. I can’t part with it. I can’t wear it. I should die it.

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