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The Mystery of the Two-Toned Legs Is Solved

*Picture: My Upper West

Back in the beginning of the summer My Upper West published this picture of a woman who was walking around with two different colored legs. This blew my mind in all sorts of ways, and I’m happy to report that the mystery is solved.

Many thanks to commenter Scott, who enlightened me–they are American Apparel two-toned tights: Continue reading

OMG, Alber Elbaz Is Moving to the Upper West Side!

Guess which one is Alber?

Our fashion cred here on the Upper West Side just got a major boost: Alber Elbaz, the genius and congenial designer behind French label Lanvin, just purchased a pied-a-terre at the Apthorp.  According to the New York Times, (via Racked)  Elbaz bought a one  bedroom pad which was originally listed at $6.2 million. It’s almost 2,400 square feet, which is quite a spread for a one bedroom apartment. (How big is that bedroom, for heaven’s sake?)

Elbaz moved to NYC from Israel in the mid-80s and has had rentals here, though his main residence is in France because of his gig with Lanvin. He’s supposedly a very sweet guy—and how can you not like someone who has  a penchant for floppy bow ties? I think he’ll be a lovely addition to the Upper West Side. And with those three fashion editors  who live up here and New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center, we are finally fashion heavy-hitters, right? RIGHT?

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Not One, Not Two, But THREE Major Fashion Editors Live On The Upper West Side

Robbie Myers, Glenda Bailey, Joanna Coles

This morning I was flipping through WWD and came across an article about three editors-in-chief who head up three of the most popular fashion magazines in the country: Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire.  Imagine my surprise when I learned that all three of them live on the Upper West Side.

Yes, it’s true. If that doesn’t lend our neighborhood a bit more fashion cred, I don’t know what does. Robbie Myers (Elle), Glenda Bailey (Harper’s Bazaar), and Joanna Coles (Marie Claire) all live in our fair neighborhood. Now, perhaps I should have known this, since I’m a long-time fan/student of the fashion world and now lucky enough to be a very tiny fish in that big stylish sea. But I’m chalking it up to the fact that I don’t have stalker tendencies. While I care what these women say professionally via their mags, I never really thought about where they do their laundry and chop vegetables. But I’m throroughly delighted!

I hope I see them in Fairway one day.

**Photo: WWD

New York Fashion Week, Fall 2011: A List

Christian Siriano's gowns from my front row vantage point

I like to write lists. I have them all over the place: on my Blackberry, on random slips of paper, in my calendar/planner–which yes, is still paper. So I’m going to take the lazy way out and summarize New York Fashion Week in a top ten list. It’s in no particular order actually. Here goes:

Matthew McConaughey at the Heart Truth show

1.  Seeing the Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection on the first day. It’s basically a parade of celebs wearing red dresses in support of heart disease prevention/awareness in women. The nurse in me can get behind that cause. Plus I saw Matthew McConaughey there because his wife was walking in the show. I bravely sauntered right up to him and snapped the side of his head. I totally could have chatted with him, but what does one say to such a man? “Oh, I see you’ve decided to wear a shirt for this occasion.” Seriously. Continue reading

I Really Love My….

Madewell cape.

OK, no that isn’t me. And no, there isn’t a Madewell store on the Upper West Side (although there is a Mandy and Strawberry. Ugh).  But I own the cape and I live on the UWS, therefore it’s worthy of a post. Continue reading

Fashion Week At Lincoln Center: Malandrino Puts Models On Display

I saw four shows today at Lincoln Center: Derek Lam, Lela Rose, Rebecca Taylor, and Catherine Malandrino. I’ll write about these eventually but wanted to share some pictures from Malandrino. Catherine Malandrino, an ex-Parisian now based in NYC, quite literally incorporated Lincoln Center into her show. The models were perched on pedestals all around the Paul Milstein Pool. 

The area was fenced off but this didn’t stop hundreds of curious gawkers. And the ones who came definitely got an eyeful. Kindly proceed to the slideshow: Continue reading

New York Fashion Week At Lincoln Center: Day 1 Gets Off To A Fun Start


All hail! It's Fashion Week


I’m hyperventilating because I had such a fun day today. It was, of course, the official first day of New York Fashion Week, and I was lucky enough to attend some shows at Lincoln Center.  

I saw the Nicholas K show, and you can read about my first impressions of Lincoln Center and that show here. I also got to see the Project Runway finale show. They actually showed decoy collections from ten of the designers, because of course in TV world,  it is still several weeks before the finale will actually air. I took pics of the many celebs and pseudo celebs at that show, including guest judge Jessica Simpson. She was quite unfortunately dressed in a sparkly tent, and I won’t question why “Mom Jeans Scandal of 2010″ was chosen to judge a fashion show. But anyway….kindly click through for the inner sanctum of the Lincoln Center tents, some street style, and some color from the runways. Continue reading

Lincoln Center Subway Officially Christened “The Fashion Line”


Image courtesy of WWD's Twitter feed


Today Mayor Bloomberg and Diane von Furstenberg , designer extraordinaire and president of the CFDA (standing closest to sign) officially unveiled the new signage for the 66th Street “1″ line. New York Fashion Week officially starts tomorrow, September 9, with Lincoln Center the official hub for the first time ever. 

Do you think the opera or philharmonic are pissed that the line wasn’t named for them a long time ago???

Live Your Fashion Fantasy at the Aldyn

My couch is the color of a Tiffany box. Is this tacky? Who knows.

The Aldyn (60 Riverside Boulevard), one of  the fancy behemoth buildings owned by Extell, is getting a makeover. The CFDA has partnered with designers and interior decorators to create several designer show homes in the building.

According to the Editor at Large , designers Diane von Furstenberg, Elie Tahari, Nicole Miller, Jeffrey Banks, Liz Lange, and Tiffany & Co (designed by Lambertson & Truex) will turn their runway looks into home interiors. This could be really interesting. Diamond encusted door knobs? (Tiffany) Crazy prints? (DvF). And Liz Lange designs maternity so who knows what her room will look like. Continue reading

An Animal Print That Won’t Make You Look Like A Cougar

These self-portraits are getting old. I need a private photog to follow me around. My 7-year-old tries really hard but his angles are weird

There are some very obvious trends that have appeared for Fall 2010. One of them is leopard print. Now, this is a dangerous road to take. One of the 7,000 fashion magazines I read this summer made the observation that perhaps you should only wear animal prints if you’re in your 20s (reads as ironic and cute) or your 60s (this counts as a neutral at that age). If your age falls anywhere in between these two parameters, you could be heading into the dangerous lair of the “cougar.”

I took this advice to heart, because I sort of agree with it. Leopard print can scream “Real Housewives of New Jersey (but not in a good way).” The problem is, I sort of like the print. I was keeping an eye out for a good shoe or bag when I ran across this Nom de Plume dress at the new Upper West Side Urban Outfitters (2629 Broadway.)

The print is subtle, yet still sort of wows. I’d call the print “Lynx.” Which is sort of funny, because I think that’s the name that’s been given to women in their 30s who are on the prowl.  Anyway, the cut is vintage-inspired, yet a modern length. I wore it today  in 90-degree+ weather, but it will transition to fall beautifully with some tights, boots, and a big cardigan.

And for a piece that will probably feel trendy next year, the price was right. Yes, it’s 100% polyester, but it doesn’t look nor feel cheap. And all for a mere $88.