The New York Times Said the Upper West Side Was Stylish So It Must Be True, Right?

Models frolic in Lincoln Center during Fashion’s NIght Out

Hi everyone! I know it’s been seven months since I’ve written anything here, but I’ve been inspired by the New York Times to take up the proverbial pen again. (Plus Avi at the WestSideRag  gave me a nudge.)  On Tuesday they published this article titled “Intersection: Upper West Side Style Is Quiet But Far From Mute.”  Quiet?? I have been screaming my head off for a year that the Upper West Side has style.

So maybe I should be thankful that the NYT deigned decided to highlight our sad little ass-backwards ‘hood. Except I think they did more harm than good. Let’s analyze: Read More


A Festive Weekend, Thanks to SantaCon

SantaCon revelers getting an early start

This Saturday was the first time I’ve actually felt really festive and ready for the holidays. I took the afternoon to go shopping on my own, and the city was hopping and happy.

While stopping for my post-workout coffee at the Starbucks on 93rd and Broadway, I ran into the festive trio at left, and that pretty much set the tone for my day. After making a comment about how that beard looked itchy, I learned that it was SantaCon yesterday, which is basically just a huge bar crawl requiring people to dress up like Santa. (During the course of the day I also saw several slutty Mrs. Claus’, elves, and even an abominable snowman. I’m totally doing SantaCon next year.) Read More

Faux Ice Skate Boots Are a Thing

While running out for some Hale & Hearty on Friday afternoon (I frequently crave their tomato cheddar soup), I spotted a striking woman in front of me near 86th and Broadway wearing some sort of long, ruffled white wrap and the shoes pictured above. I was walking behind her and ran to get a close-up view of these marvels. After momentarily being distracted by her red fishnets and red ruffled ankle socks, I could properly focus on her footwear. I actually stopped her and she graciously let me snap a pic, though I don’t thing she understood a word I was saying. Thank you, mystery lady. Read More

Here Are Some ‘Cleavage Cupcakes’

I was shopping in Boc on Broadway last weekend and started giggling upon seeing the product featured at left. (Boobs are funny, right?) Cleavage Cupcakes are silicone gel inserts for giving the girls a bit of a lift. While the name–and concept, really–are silly, it’s a lot better name than “chicken cutlets,” which is what these gel inserts are sometimes called.  After all, cupcakes are super trendy right now. 

Commando, the company that makes these, also makes “Takeouts,” a larger version, as well as “Top Hats” and “Low Beams” two nipple-concealing products. Read More

I Stumbled Upon Culture in Central Park on a Saturday Morning

This weekend my brother came for a visit from Chicago, bringing my 5-year-old niece with him. (And he wouldn’t let me take her for a manicure! “She’ll get hooked…” I have no idea what he’s talking about. I only go like every five or six days tops to get my nails done.  Maybe I can convince Six to go? He likes a bit of flashiness sometimes. Anyway.)

I love to be a tourist in NYC, so we headed to Central Park to the Bethesda Fountain. And we saw a ballerina, complete with tulle tutu, doing some sort of photo shoot. Very Sex and the City circa 2001. I was much more excited than my niece, who was fascinated by the unnaturally electric green water in the boat pond. Oh, this guy showed up, too: Read More