Nail Fail or Two Thumbs Up?

Lately I’ve been trying all sorts of trendy things that I probably have no business trying, but it’s just too fun not to. One of these is nail polish color. Chalky Easter egg pastels are having a moment. Last week I did lavender, and didn’t love it. This week I really went nuts and tried Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple.” Doesn’t that sound like a foul confection? I love the color, but am I pulling it off?

Today I am going to do something radical to my hair. Stay tuned. And so my early-onset mid-life crisis continues…..


What Happens on the UWS…

Have you ever wondered what happens when five women go out to a wine bar on a Tuesday night on the UWS? Well, prepare to have your curiosity satisfied.

For absolutely no reason at all, some friends and I decided to meet for drinks and catch up. This includes “Celine,” Other Cheryl, S, and “Scarlett.” They don’t really want to be identified. I have no idea why. Read More

Fashion and Law Can Co-Exist

Fordham Law School (140 W 62nd Street)  is probably not one of the most fashionable places on the Upper West Side. Come this August, however, it may very well be. The Council of Fashion Designers of America is supporting a Fashion Law Institute for law students interested in the fashion industry and designers who need legal advice.

Read more here in the piece I wrote for today.

First Fashion Week moves to Lincoln Center, now this. I’m exhausted just thinking of the possibilities.

More Women’s Half Marathon: It Rained. A Lot.

Yesterday was the More Women’s Half Marathon, a 13.1 mile run for women only through Central Park. I’ve run two previous half marathons this year, and was not really in the mood for this one. However, I had signed up to do it with my friend “Francesca” so didn’t want to back out. She’s from the South, where they have magazines called Guns and Gardens. Who the hell knows what she’s packing? Read More

Weekend Photo Album: Style, Pigeons, People on Buildings

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day, so we spent some time wandering around the city. I’ve gotten into the habit of carrying my camera around with me everywhere. In addition to tweeting every single thought that I have, I now have the urge to take pictures of every single thing that amuses or interests me. Soon I’m just going to hire a video crew to start following me around to document my every move. Read More

I Love My…..

…..Madewell shoulder bag

It was less than $100, fits my Blackberry, powder, keys, small wallet and sunglasses. And it’s turquoise. No brainer.

(Madewell is owned by J.Crew, and is sort of a younger, more bohemian, cheaper version. Unfortunately you can’t order online yet. Their only NYC store is in Soho.)

Event: Asian Americans in the Fashion Industry

On Sunday, April 25 Columbia University is hosting a panel discussion titled, “Asian Americans in the Fashion Industry.” A quite amazing group will be speaking including:

  • Phillip Lim, fashion designer
  • Joe Zee, Creative Director at ELLE magazine
  • Tina Chai, stylist
  • Carol Lim & Humberto Leon (C0-Founders of Opening Ceremony)

This is within walking distance of the UWS. Legitimate fashion people in our neighborhood!  See you there. See flier below for details: