Matt Damon and Brood Moving to UWS?

I’ve heard from several informants (of variable and questionable reliability) that Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana Barroso, may be moving into the 535 West End Ave building. Have you seen the floor plans for that building? Pure NYC real estate p0rn. I totally need 6 bedrooms, a library, a media room and an art gallery.

They have three daughters, Isabella, Alexia, and Gia. I bet Berkley Girl (410 Columbus Ave) is really excited about this news. Word on the street is that they will be attending the Calhoun School.



  1. Mew · April 20, 2010

    yup. You can catch him at drop off time. I hard there are a lot of stylish moms and nannies in that part of the hood.

    • UpperWestSideCheryl · April 20, 2010

      So this is OLD news then? I’m apparently not at the forefront of UWS gossip. If this was say, Robert Downey Jr I would go loiter in the 70s. But Matt Damon? No

  2. tricia flores · March 7, 2011

    I admire matt for being a good husband, father. I want to wish him and his beautiful family the best.

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