Um, I Saw “Hot Tub Time Machine” Last Night

My preferred films usually involve English accents, period costumes, and court intrigue. However, I also love really stupid movies, in the tradition of Judd Apatow and Will Ferrell. This is one of the few movie genres where my husband’s (MILo) and my taste overlap. Hot Tub Time Machine did not disappoint in this regard.

We stopped for a quick dosa at the Hampton Chutney Co, then walked down to the AMC Loews Lincoln Center theater, where I promptly snagged two seats in the last row of the very crowded theater.  Whatever. We could still see the screen.

In case the title isn’t obvious enough, this movie is about four guys who get into a hot tub in a ski resort in which they used to party in the 80s. They are then transported back to 1986. Hilarity ensues.

My completely random thoughts about the movie are as follows:

1)Craig Robinson (from The Office) has a hilarious dry delivery and I suspect will have a robust career in stupid buddy flicks.

2)Seeing John Cusack on a ski mountain immediately brought back fond memories of Better Off Dead. The director must have thought so too, because they managed to sneak in a “I want my two dollars!” in the dialogue.

3)Boobs, puking, fake blood, excrement, and urination jokes run rampant here. Consider yourself warned.

4)Fashion in the 80s was hideous. On the flip side, music in the 80s was awesome. Totally.


6)I cannot believe the internet didn’t exist in the 80s.

7)I laughed a lot during this movie. I’ll admit it.

Here’s something for you to laugh at:

The author in 1987



  1. lahikmajoe · April 18, 2010

    Thanks for the warnings. These movies can certainly be a nice distraction. And who doesn’t need more scatological humor?

    The more graphic the better.

  2. maggie, lloyd and Danny · April 18, 2010


    You clearly rocked the 8o’s. Wished we had known you back then. Danny can’t believe that this is a picture of Mason’s mom.

  3. NYC Single Mom · April 19, 2010

    Love the movie and agree on all points and so love the photo. I am hoping I can not find my 80’s photo since I was so into Madonna.

  4. CMrok93 · April 24, 2010

    Finally got to see this! I wasn’t crying of laughing so much, but I still did laugh enough to be satisfied. Check out my review here:

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