I Went Into Talbots So You Don’t Have To

Talbots' 2010 fall collection (from WWD)

I’ve never been inside Talbots. The window displays have always frightened me away. Twinsets. Mom jeans. Pearls. My fight-or-flight reflex immediately kicks in, and the flight usually leads me down 8 blocks to Barney’s Co-op, where I am safe and no one is trying to make me wear mom jeans.

WWD ran a piece last week about how Talbots is trying to tailor its stores to the communities in which the stores are located. They are also trying to modernize and hip up their image. After nine years of walking quickly past the huge store on 82nd and Broadway, I finally decided to stop in and see what a hipper Talbots looks like.

My conclusion is that I really don’t think the process has started. At least I hope not. I walked into a veritable sea of pastels. Four bored, silver-haired fellows moped on various chairs placed around the store. However, I was not deterred. Shopping is what I DO. I made it my mission to find at least two things that I would actually wear.

When I saw a tall, 50+, perfectly-coiffed doyenne try on a floppy black beach hat and declare it “dowdy,” I knew I was in trouble. Here are the fruits of my labor:



  1. shirlsmor · April 19, 2010

    Suggest you wear garlic around your neck next time you pass by. Love the new blog. Congrats.

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