Shopping a Trend: Denim Boyfriend Shorts

The boyfriend jean has been around for a few seasons now. And it’s being interpreted for spring/summer in a shorter version. I know what you’re thinking: Denim shorts are trendy? Really?

Well, yes. But in the past we’ve seen this:

Or this:

But now shorts have gotten slouchier.

I usually hate shorts. They don’t really work with my body type. However, I’m never one to pass up trying a trend, so I went to try some on just for the hell of it. First stop was Barney’s Co-op (2151 Broadway), which has the highest concentration of denim on the UWS.

Current/Elliott is the brand that sort of pioneered the original boyfriend jean trend. So I tried some. They cost $200. For ripped up denim shorts.

Nicely distressed

Well, the fit was amazing. They made my legs look thin, and sat right on the perfect spot at the hip bones. The denim was soft and the back pocket placement was perfect. (This is key for butt-minimizing)

I was having a hard time with the $200 price tag, so I wandered uptown to the Gap (2373 Broadway) to check out their version:


They were shorter than the Current/Elliott shorts, which is not a good thing. They also felt stiffer and tighter (even though they were the same size as the Current/Elliott).  They only cost $49.50, though. So…spend a fortune and look good, or spend a little less and look a little less good? Or skip this altogether? I haven’t really decided yet. Luckily it’s still too cold for shorts anyway.


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