The Upper West Side is #36 out of 50?? Really?

I was eagerly reading the “neighborhood” issue of  New York Magazine this past weekend and was distressed to see how, well, mediocre we are. Hmph. NY Mag did a poll and compiled some data about housing, diversity, creativity, nightlife, etc and listed the top 50 neighborhoods in the city (this of course includes all 5 boroughs). The UWS came in 36th. The Upper East Side beat us, for heaven’s sake! The pertinent bullet points are as follows:

  • If UWS’ers could live in any other neighborhood, it would be the West Village. Put me in this camp, too. We lived there when we first moved to NYC. It’s just not very kid-friendly. I need to be close to the parks.
  • The UWS is the third happiest neighborhood. Midtown East is the least happy. The article didn’t say whether or not this is because we are on lots of mood-lifting medications.
  • My favorite quotes in answer to the question “What do you love most about your neighborhood?”: “This is where the New Yorkers who run the world live” (UES) & “The mob keeps it safe” (Carroll Gardens)
  • “What do you like least about your neighborhood?”: “The liberals” (UWS). As supporting documentation, the UWS donated the most money of any neighborhood to Obama’s campaign.
  • The UWS is the fifth most likely to stay home and not go out at night. This does not shock me.

We have a little bit of work to do. Let’s get our butts up off the couch, turn off  The Jon Stewart Show, and go out for a drink once in a while! We should also be supportive of those few lonely Republicans who may be in our midst. Some of us may even be married to one. *GASP*


One comment

  1. lahikmajoe · April 22, 2010

    This is funny Cheryl.

    When I visit NYC, I always spend a good portion of my time in your ‘hood.

    Love the Procession of the Animals at St John’s and can’t walk by Zabar’s without stumbling in.

    Your photos that you’ve posted on twitpic are always fun. Polls, like the one you mention, are nearly always ridiculous. I’d rather live in #36 than wherever they say is the best. No doubt.

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