People Who Make Us Look Good: Misty

Who: Misty, Hair Stylist

Where: Scott J Salon (257 Columbus, at 72nd St)

Age: 38

Years as a Hair Stylist: 20

Years at Scott J: 10

Before NYC she:  owned an Aveda salon in Idaho

Lives with: Husband (also a hair stylist at Scott J on the UES), 3 kids, 1 step-son, 1 dog

Random fact: Owns a candy store in Tarrytown, NY

Celebrities she’s blown out: Ready for this? *takes a breath* LADY GAGA “when she was still called Stefani”, Lady Gaga’s mom, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kevin Bacon, Dustin Hoffman, Roberta Flack.

Misty has been doing my hair for almost nine years. I tried her when I first moved to NYC and was living in corporate housing on 94th and Broadway. But I was seduced by all the big name hair salons here in NYC and had to try a couple. Vidal Sassoon, Bumble and bumble, some place that turned my hair lavender (thankfully now out of business).

I was not impressed, went back to Misty, and have settled into her corner chair at Scott J for the rest of my life. She is never allowed to leave. I recommend her to everyone. My friend “Sabine” has gone to her and come out looking like a radiant blonde goddess. Celine used her after a spontaneous drop-in at a lower end salon resulted in highlights that prompted Sabine’s husband to say “it looks frosted.” Her own husband then jumped in with, “Well, it’s not permanent, right?” After Misty fixed it, she came out looking bright and beachy. And I don’t mean Jersey Shore beachy.

I asked Misty about the most popular style requested by UWS women and she told me, “Trim and a blow dry. Everyone wants their curly hair to be smooth.” I then asked about the most popular color request and was told, “Grey coverage.”

She then proceeded to tell me that in Idaho people were very experimental and she did tons of razor cutting and funky colors. Did you just get the implication here? Women in Idaho are funkier than us! IDAHO, for heaven’s sake.

Misty is a mom herself, and  always looks adorably trendy and easily 10 years younger than she is. I asked her what she thought about UWS mom fashion and she said, “You guys really love your Shape-Up shoes and yoga pants.” At which point I nearly suffered a brain aneurysm, because you all know my feelings about prancing around in workout clothes all day.

Go see her. She will help you. She will save you from yourself and your pleasantly smooth hair. She will help you be platinum (but only if it won’t make your hair break off, as she recently told me will happen to mine if I do it.)



  1. Nancy · May 5, 2010

    Is that me in the chair behind Misty??

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