It’s Croc Season

The season of the Ugg is behind us and that of the Croc is imminent. You all don’t know me well enough yet, so I’ll say this: If there’s a shoe I hate more than the Ugg, it’s the Croc. (Now my bias is fully disclosed).

I’ve been accused of being snobby about shoes, and now I’ll reveal that I’m also slightly hypocritical. My boys wear Crocs. They’re good pool/beach/summer shoes. On children, they’re cute. On adults, they are  tragic clown shoes.

I went to the UWS Crocs store (270 Columbus Ave) to get my boys fresh ones for the summer. And by fresh, I don’t mean the air in the store. You can smell that store from two blocks away. When you open the door, you are assaulted by a sharp, chemical, toxic refinery smell. I don’t know how the employees spend eight hours there.

Despite the smell and the fact that Crocs almost declared bankruptcy last summer, the store was packed.  I shoved my way through the narrow aisles  and checked out the wares.

They’ve really expanded the offerings. Lots of flip flops, platform sandals with foam soles and canvas uppers, and some very ugly boat shoe/maryjane hybrid. Men’s shoes were a bit better. I actually sort of liked the beachy looking frayed canvas boat shoes.

I grabbed two pairs of the classics for the kids and stood in line. I overheard the cashier telling a customer that “yes, we usually have a lot more stock, but women really love the bright colors, like yellow, purple, and red….so we’re running low on those right now.” {insert snarky comment here}

I slunk out of there with my transparent plasic bag, boldly advertising to the world that I was the proud owner of new lime green and navy Crocs.



  1. thepersistentassistant · May 5, 2010

    The only time I succumbed to wearing Crocs was tromping around my flooded basement…and they were my sons! Apparently they are the new Birkenstocks for the new millenium!

  2. lahikmajoe · May 6, 2010

    I don’t like any of these shoes.

    Not a fashion maven, by any means, but anyone can see these are an affront to good taste. Full stop.

  3. Call me, Ben · May 7, 2010

    I agree. Practical for kids, but Dads, please stop wearing the classic Crocs to the park. If you want to feel like a kid again, wear your baseball hat.

    I don’t know, lahikmajoe, the new men’s line might be a winner. They’re a much better adult alternative . I need to check out the fabric in person, but they have a cool casual look.

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