The Brand Preferences of the Upper West Side

A look from Banana Republic's Spring/Summer 2010 collection

Today I heard about a website called Shop It To Me where you can sign up to get daily updates about sales on your favorite brands. They recently looked at their customer data and compiled a list of regional brand preferences. My fabulous editor, Lauren, at summarized it in this piece.

In case you were too lazy to click on the link, I’ll tell you what the favorite brands of the UWS  were (the site chose the 10025 zip code–aka my “fashion wasteland”– to highlight): Banana Republic, Nine West, and Elie Tahari.

I suppose this is consistent with the laid back, practical reputation that we have. Contrast this with those mavens over on the Upper East Side who must have their Jimmy Choos. Whatever. They don’t need to walk their kids to school. They have drivers for that.

And if you’ll allow me a brief aside to my friends and family back in Chicago: Uggs? Really? I KNOW it’s very cold there, but surely there are alternatives?

If you want to see how people shop in other NYC neighborhoods, take a peek here to see more. (Dear Harlem, I LOVE that Victoria’s Secret is your favorite!)


One comment

  1. Call me, Ben · May 7, 2010

    Did you see the comment on :
    “The most conservative dressers live on…The Upper West Side”

    As well as a likening of UWSiders’ taste to that of every suburban mall dweller?

    I might as well just go buy some crocs…

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