Burberry Brit Opening Soon on Columbus?

So I’m a bit behind, because Racked NY reported this two  months ago (when I did not have this blog, it should be noted), but it looks like the Burberry Brit store on 67th and Columbus is coming along nicely.

I think this is a smart location choice for the company. I personally don’t love Burberry–a bit too classic and boring for me. I also don’t like walking around with that plaid advertising, “Look, I’m wearing Burberry!”  However, it suits the non-trendy temperament of the neighborhood. I think they’ll do well, especially since the Brit line is the lower-priced version.

They’re on a stretch of street that has some good retail—Intermix, MAC, Wink, and others. And Barney’s Co-op is not far away over on Broadway. So it will get foot traffic.

If it does well, maybe similar retailers will move in. My dream store? Miu Miu!


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