Manolo Coming to Broadway

No, alas, not that Manolo, beloved by Carrie Bradshaw and socialites everywhere. I wish! I’m sick and tired of walking past store after store selling me Crocs, Fit Flops, comfort clogs, and weird looking shoes made in Sweden.  But I digress…

No, it is not Manolo Blahnik, but rather Manolo Valdés who is bringing his wares to the Upper West Side in a few weeks. Valdés is a Spanish sculptor who makes enormous bronze pieces. He uses famous works of art as inspiration, then interprets them in his own style.

From May 20 through January 23 they’ll be displayed from Columbus Circle up to 166th Street. My favorite thing about these? They’re huge. Eight to twelve feet tall, and weighing in at 2000 pounds. It will be very striking to see these at the various Broadway malls and subway stations. They’re even going to list phone numbers so you can take an audio tour in Spanish or English.

Read more about this public art exhibition here.



  1. thepersistentassistant · May 10, 2010

    I’m going to be in NY sometime between 6.27-7.8!
    Hope to check it out! Thanks for the post! Maybe we can grab a coffee!

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