Weekend Photo Album: I Didn’t Leave the UWS

I loitered around a bit waiting for them to play, but no luck (Central Park near 96th)

What a gorgeous weekend here in NYC! I spent a fair amount of time lounging around Central Park and running some errands all over the UWS. There were some stylish moments.

My favorite was when MILo and I walked into the Club Monaco on Columbus (ostensibly to look for a blazer for him). As I walked in, I was greeted by a lovely young lady who offered me a glass of cold white wine. At the exact moment the glass hit my hand, my gaze was drawn to the most dazzling light-weight silver knit infinity scarf. It was like the heavens opened and shined a light down on it. Dear Readers, I purchased it. Gorgeous! Here are some others:

Here’s my friend Lu, taking a little catnap on the grass. There are a few amazing things about this photo, though they may not be immediately obvious. First of all, she just had her FOURTH baby; look at her abs, for heaven’s sake. Second of all, she is wearing the very coveted (see Cathy Horyn’s recent NYT blog about these) J Brand Houlihan cargo pants, which I stupidly did not purchase after trying them on twice. Now there are wait lists everywhere.

I loved this guy doing his planks and bridges right in the middle of the Great Lawn.

Everywhere you looked there were straw fedoras, on both genders. I love  love love this look so much. It’s such a disappointment that they look horrid on me. I have to admire them from afar.

MILo loves seersucker. Here’s a full-on look at Brooks Brothers, complete with flamingo-embossed pants. We passed on this look, but it made me want to drink vodka gimlets, heavy on the limes.

I’m cautiously optimistic that summer is almost here. Hooray!


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