Cheryl’s Shameless Self-Promotion: Swimsuits

Australian Fashion Week, SS 2010-2011. Lots of swimsuits.

Have you been reading the Westside Independent? Well, why not? It’s an exceptionally entertaining and informative peek into the daily goings-on in our beloved neighborhood. Oh, and they have a new columnist there.

She recently braved the trenches of UWS retail in an attempt to buy swimwear. Read about her adventures in the changing room here. (OK, I’ll stop the creepy third person thing. It’s me!)

You should also definitely read the article about the alley pig roast, particularly the comments.

Bomb threats and illicit pig roasts. Our neighborhood is destined for greatness, people. And let’s not forget that New York Fashion Week will debut here in September in Lincoln Center. All eyes will be on the UWS. Are you ready?

(Many thanks to Avi at the Westside Independent for plucking me from obscurity to write for him)


One comment

  1. agua bendita · July 9, 2010

    Offcourse I’m ready. I always ready for FASHION WEEK! 🙂 Thanks for reminding.

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