How Dare She Diss Lady Gaga AND Madonna!

I was reading the latest issue of New York Magazine (May 24 issue) on the long, crowded subway ride from Nolita to the UWS when I came across this tidbit:

“Joanna Newsom told the Guardian last week, among other things, that while Gaga’s approach to image is interesting, ‘you listen to the music, and you just hear glow sticks…I’m like, fair enough: She is the new Madonna, but Madonna’s a dumb-ass!'”

Well, you can just imagine the indignation on my face. First of all, who the hell is Joanna Newsom? Does she have a song anywhere near as brilliant as “Vogue” or “Paparazzi”?? No, I didn’t think so.

Does she wear Diet Coke cans in her hair, cone bras, or custom-made Armani? No, I didn’t think so.

She’d best leave the UWS divas alone or I may be forced to go medieval on her little hipster indie ass.




  1. Carmi Salas-Sarte · May 25, 2010

    This how Madonna looks like now? So fabulous for her age. πŸ™‚

  2. Trevor · December 5, 2010

    So did you ever look up Joanna Newsom?
    I don’t condone her comments, but she sure does have songs as brilliant as Vogue and Paparazzi. Plenty.
    Could the biggest dumb-ass here be… you?

    • UpperWestSideCheryl · December 6, 2010

      No, I didn’t. And yes I am. A dumb-ass, that is. You’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last to think so. Cheers!

  3. Elke · January 21, 2011

    Later, she emails to clarify what she describes as her “late-afternoon dopiness” on this subject: “I may have contradicted myself. My problem isn’t actually with Lady Gaga. But there’s not much in her music to distinguish it from other glossy, formulaic pop. She just happens to wear slightly weirder outfits than Britney Spears. But they’re not that weird – they’re mostly just skimpy. She’s fully marketing her body/sexuality; she’s just doing it while wearing, like, a ‘fierce’ telephone hair-hat. Her sexuality has no scuzziness, no frank raunchiness, in the way that, say, Peaches, or even Grace Jones, have – she’s Arty Spice! And, meanwhile, she seems to take herself so oddly seriously, the way she talks about her music in the third person, like she’s Brecht or something. She just makes me miss Cyndi Lauper.” And on the subject of Madonna: “I shouldn’t have called Madonna a dumb-***. Her music and she have just gotten so boring to me, this last decade. I think maybe she doesn’t hold her money very gracefully, the way some people can’t hold their drink. But one thing she is surely not is dumb.”

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