I’m Seeing Sex and the City 2 Today

This might sound braggy and smug, but I’m going to go ahead and say it anyway: I’m going to a pre-screening of Sex and the City 2 tonight! (The movie officially opens on May 27).  It’s not cool to admit that you want to see this movie, because the hype and branded products surrounding it have been ridiculous. But I am sort of excited.

First of all, the fashion is always incredible and Pat Fields’ styling is over-the-top. Such a great antidote to safe celebrity fashion. And it’s such a love story to New York. It’s obvious the producers have a lot of affection for this city. And lastly, it’s sentimental. I watched the show faithfully when it was on HBO.  It was so shocking and groundbreaking and empowering. And always, always showed us mouth-watering clothes.

So, I’ll report back tomorrow with a minimum of spoilers if possible. I’m hoping there will be some UWS footage, but Miranda and Steve moved from the UWS  to Brooklyn several years ago, so our neighborhood may not get much love. I’ll be on the lookout.


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