Burberry Brit Now Open On Columbus

I hate it when I miss the opening day of a new store! But thank goodness that RackedNY has a staff to figure these things out. I’m going to copy their post here:

“The British sometimes have the reputation of being reserved and understated, so perhaps that explains yesterday’s completely under-the-radar grand opening of the Burberry Brit on Columbus Avenue. Hermione is now gone, replaced by a fancy doorman greeting guests. The slick boutique carries apparel for women, men and children, plus a smattering of accessories. There’s lots of leather for fall, denim and, of course, the signature trenches (including a men’s super soft grey suede raglan trench that we couldn’t keep our hands off of). The décor is a nice mix of dark woods and sleek modern fixtures, like three video panels constantly looping Burberry images. Staffers are plentiful and helpful—there’s even a bona fide Brit on hand. One staffer told us that the boutique opened yesterday without any fanfare, but they had fantastic foot traffic and sales regardless. Looks like next-door neighbor Uggs might have to share some line-waiting sidewalk space.” {RackedNY}

Hmm. It sounds nice. I will definitely meander down there and take a peek at the wares.


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