Sex and the City 2: Worst Movie Ever??

Maybe I’m being overly dramatic with that headline, but it was a dreadful movie. As in, you should be full of dread the minute you sit down in your seat.

Much has been written about the movie this morning. By far the best review comes courtesy of Lindy West. Do read it. You’ll “spew,” as one commenter shared.

Here are my random thoughts:

-Blatantly anti-Muslim and not funny. The treatment of women in these countries is not a joke. Nor is flaunting another country’s rules and traditions.

-I try not to bash other women for their looks. (Well, at least not in public). But SJP looked like a complete tranny for the entire movie. Her body is hawt, but her face, especially when rimmed with kohl and bronzer, is nawt.

-The clothes shriek, “TRYING TOO HARD TO BE CUTTING EDGE!” The ladies wear couture to ride camels in the desert, for heaven’s sake. Ridiculous. The whole thing was like a cartoon.

-The characters have become caricatures of themselves. SJP is too old to be wearing cutesy t-shirts with a ball gown, Miranda no longer comes off as a powerful business woman, Charlotte is a whiny UES housewife with a full-time nanny, and Samantha is just….disgusting. I didn’t identify with any of them. None of them have any dimension

-There is very little New York City footage. Most of the action is set in Abu Dhabi (they filmed in Morocco)

-There was no Smith Jerrod full frontal male nudity. Unfortunate.

-I got in not one, but TWO fights with women for cabs after the movie was over. So much for girl power and female camaraderie.

Anyway, see it at your peril. Let’s hope we never hear about any of these people again.



  1. Shirlsmor · May 27, 2010

    So sorry you had to sit through this. The things we do for the greater good.

  2. CaveatCalcei · May 28, 2010

    Ouch – so not even worth hanging out for on DVD?

    What where the writers thinking of? Isn’t this a time to avoid certain stereotypes or look beneath them?

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