I Saw Larry David and Walked Through His Set. Plus Other Things on Columbus Today

I got yelled at for taking pictures. Not by Larry David, unfortunately

Whew! I was on Columbus in the 70s today headed to an appointment. It was the street to see and be seen on, let me tell you.

First of all, the Starbucks on 73rd and Columbus is probably the most stylish one on the Upper West Side. I saw a girl wearing a perfect pair of cut-off denim boyfriend shorts, a slouchy t-shirt, magenta Chuck Taylors, and matching magenta Blackberry sticking out of her back pocket. I also saw an older woman in a white t-shirt tucked into a neat straight navy blue skirt. The wow factor was the kelly green belt and patent kelly green boat shoes. She looked so put together.

Then as I wandered up Columbus I noticed a film set in front of Isabella’s (77th and Columbus). There were a lot of people craning their necks, so I figured there might be someone to look at. Larry David. Not exactly the Sarah Jessica Parker or Madonna sighting I usually hope for, but not a bad one, either. And a member of the staff yelled at me, “Move along! You can watch him on the show.” Um, no. I don’t have HBO.  Jackass. Read More


Silly Bandz: The Hot New Children’s Accessory

If you don’t have children, you may not be aware of the newest craze on the playground. Silly Bandz are brightly colored rubber bands that are molded into shapes. Kids wear them stacked on their arms (much like the jelly bracelets of the 80s) but when removed, they retain their shape.

At $4.99 for a pack of 24, every single parent I know is saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?!?” And of course they have inspired more bootleg imitations than a Fendi Baguette. Every store on the UWS is carrying rubber band bracelets.

And I have to admit, they’re fun to wear. Even Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted wearing them. Read More

UWS Urban Outfitters Update

Image from Racked NY

I found this item in the Wall Street Journal today:

“Bodega chic is coming to Broadway.

Philadelphia-based retailer Urban Outfitters plans to split the facade of a new store on the Upper West Side into four distinct “storefronts”: a hat store, a hardware store, a neighborhood bar and a bodega.

“The whole idea was to do this kind of ironic statement of lining the building with storefronts that would be reminiscent of independent businesses,” says Ron Pompei, creative director of Pompei A.D., which designed the store, slated to open in August. “It’s the story about the streets of New York as they once were.”

The Upper West Side store, at 2629 Broadway near 100th Street, is one of three stores Urban Outfitters plans to open in Manhattan this year. It’s also planning a flagship store at 521 Fifth Ave. and another at 86th Street and Third Avenue.

Urban Outfitters doesn’t have any other bodega-themed stores, Mr. Pompei says. It does, however, offer a women’s “Loomstate Bodega Tank” for $110. {WSJ}

Wow. This is going to piss off UWS’ers to no end. First of all, the new Urban Outfitters is in the Ariel West building, whose mere existence is an affront to the aesthetic sensibilities of many residents. And to “ironically” do old New York when everyone’s already upset about losing real Mom-and-Pop businesses?

Yikes, Urban Outfitters.

{Chicago Edition}: I Had To Beg a Store To Sell Me This Scarf

I was wandering around Woodfield Mall trying to get my bearings in the sea of artificial lighting, when I happened upon an Anthropologie. There’s not one close to me in NYC. I love the colorful, vintage-inspired clothes there, so I popped in to take a look.

Perched atop a mannequin wearing a crisp white linen dress was this exquisite and happy scarf. Doesn’t it make you want to drink a margarita?

My sister thinks it’s ridiculous that people wear scarves in the summer, but they are a perfect year-round accessory if you take the color and weight of the fabric into account. I have quite a few scarves–possibly more scarves than striped outfits. When I get back to NYC I’ll have to figure it out and write a post. Read More

{Chicago Edition}: RIP Marshall Field’s

Marshall Field’s became Macy’s in 2006, much to the chagrin and disgust of many Chicagoans. I love that my mother saved this old Field’s bag. Someday it may be considered an antique. I need to convince her to shrinkwrap it and put it away as part of my inheritance. Between that and all the artsy duck decoys she has (thanks, Wisconsin), my inheritance should be about $147. Barely a decent pair of jeans.

Anyway, I’m still in Chicago. Lots of memories come flooding back when I come home. It doesn’t help that I sleep in the same room where I slept  as a teen-ager. Thank God my parents painted over the Pepto-pink walls, though. And threw away all my half-naked pictures of David Lee Roth. Read More

UWS Style is Heading to Chicago

I know, I know. It seems like all I do is travel. This has been a very unusual few months for me–lots of trips. Today I’m off to Chicago, my natal city. We are long overdue for a visit to family and friends. However, I don’t consider this a “vacation” per se, so my beloved Mac will be coming along and I’ll update here as often as I can without offending the people I’m supposed to be visiting. Most of them are used to me ignoring them, anyway. (Ha ha, right, Mom??)

I think I’ve been here in NYC long enough that I can call myself a New Yorker. However, in many ways I’m still a Chicagoan, and proud of it. I still don’t think it’s weird to hear soda called “pop,” I call sneakers “gym shoes,” and I stand IN a line, not ON it. And don’t even get me started on pizza. Sorry, floppy New York pizza. There’s also my slight accent, which completely reverts to “da Bears” when I’m around my family for any period of time. And unlike some native New Yorkers, I don’t believe 40 degree weather requires a down parka, scarf, and Uggs. I’ve maintained some of my Midwestern cold tolerance.

While I’m gone, please feel free to send me tips or pictures of any exciting things I miss here on the UWS (like the Puerto Rican Day Parade—TONS of notable style comes out that weekend).

Shoot me an email at : UWSstyle@gmail.com.  I’ll be happy to post anything of interest and I would love a guest blogger!