Terry Ross Jewelry

I was coming out of Barney’s Co-op on Broadway the other day trying to explain to my 5-year-old what a bra is and why I wear one. I don’t advise taking five-year-olds shopping with you. However, I just HAD to take a peek at the dress in the window, and well, one thing led to another, which then led to the dressing room.

Anyway, as I walked out into the gorgeous summery day, I noticed a striking redhead sitting behind a table full of big chunky jewelry. Being my achilles heel, I will stop anytime I see a huge hunk of quartz. I quickly scooped up this unique mesh chain necklace for a mere $20:

Yeah, it's big. Worn with newly purchased Rag & Bone shirtdress from Barney's

She commented on how I had quirky taste to choose this necklace. I’m sure it was a euphemism for “I’ve had that necklace since 1987 and no one but you has touched it.” Anyway, I started firing off questions, fessed up about this blog, and learned some great things about Terry.

Terry Ross is a jewelry designer who lives on the UWS. You can find her on Broadway between 75th and 76th Streets every Wednesday selling her wares. She’s also in Soho on Spring Street from Thursday through Sunday. Some of the jewelry she sells (like the piece I bought) she gets wholesale. The other half she makes.

She uses jumbled wire wrapped around semi-precious stones for some of her pieces. These run about $125.  The most unique pieces are made of aluminum ($50-$75). They’re light, shiny, and really modern looking. Again, the twisted motif. I’m definitely going to go back and give them a closer look. The rings were  amazing. Who does aluminum jewelry? It’s really original.

As we were chatting, she told me that she’s also a singer. Yes. Jazz. She’s been doing gigs at Aged (88th and Broadway) and had performed at Cleopatra’s Needle (92nd and Broadway), as well as venues in other neighborhoods. People, a chanteuse is among us. And she let me photograph her on a hot sticky afternoon:

In front of her designs

I love our neighborhood. Go visit Terry on a Wednesday and see her beautiful creations, or check out her website.



  1. Rachel Goldilocks · June 5, 2010

    I love Terry’s jewelry!

    Back when I lived in NYC a few years ago, I met her at a street festival on Columbus, and immediately fell in love with everything she created! And she’s super sweet, to boot!

    I worked for her a few times, setting up tables in different parts of the city- people’s responses were unanimously amazing.

    So glad to see she’s still out there selling these gorgeous gems!!

    Thanks for the post 🙂


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