You Can Buy Madewell Online! Yes, It’s a Big Deal

A perfect slouchy-yet-stylish alternative to the ubiquitous UWS yoga wear

I’ve written about Madewell here before; I have an aquamarine cross-body bag from there that I use constantly. There is very little chance that they will ever open a shop here on the UWS. There are currently shops in Soho and East Hampton.  But the good news is, they just launched an e-commerce site this past week.

Madewell is owned by J.Crew, one of my shopping go-tos, especially in the last few years since designer Jenna Lyons has taken the helm. Think of Madewell as J.Crew’s hipper, cheaper, more bohemian sibling. They have amazing jeans, and you do not need to be pre-pubescent to fit them. Their clothes run true-to-size and I, a woman with hips and who has borne two children, can wear it all.

Their accessories are what have always lured me, though. I’m a scarf and jewelry junkie, and these are plentiful and colorful. T-shirts and basics, too.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out

No, I’m not a paid spokesperson for them. (Why the hell am I not??)


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