Nautical Stripes. I Like Them.

While perusing my closet for something to wear–which is something I spend WAAAYYYYY too much time doing–I decided to take an inventory of all my striped clothing. It came in at an impressive 27. Yes, 27 pieces of striped clothing, mostly black and navy with a couple orange outliers.

I’m clearly addicted to this pattern. There’s something about the crisp, graphic nature of it that draws my eye. I immediately take anything striped off the racks in stores, and can usually justify buying it with the argument to my more pragmatic self: “Yes, I know it’s striped, but the shape is so different from any of the other 26 pieces you already own.” As evidenced VERY CLEARLY by this picture:

From L->R: See by Chloe dress, J.Crew tissue dress, J.Crew silk dress, Zara paper bag dress, Zara blazer (blatant Givenchy rip-off), Generra patchwork striped dress

Obviously this is a small sampling of my extensive collection. But you can see the differences, right?? My pragmatic self is so dumb sometimes.

In all seriousness though, nautical stripes are a perennial favorite in fashion. Look at any May/June magazine and I guarantee you will see a spread. There’s a misconception that horizontal stripes are unflattering. In general, skinny stripes are more flattering than thicker ones, but if worn correctly, they’re brilliant. The most important thing is the cut of the garment. Nothing too loose or too tight.

I just think stripes look sophisticated and polished. I strive for this regularly, with varying degrees of success. At least I’m increasing my chances with a lot of variety.

(Update: just declared that stripes are dying a slow death. Great. They also featured my knock-off Zara blazer. I’m such a fashion victim)


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