Paige Premium Denim Opening in Former Godiva Shop

(The following was written by Avi and originally appeared  in the Westside Independent on June 9. I’m slightly miffed that he found this before I did.)

Paige PPD, a California jean store, will soon be selling its $200 denim on Columbus Avenue between 71st and 72nd Streets, in the space vacated by a Godiva chocolate shop.

Paige, named for founder and fit-model Paige Adams-Geller, is the company’s women’s line. Adams-Geller, who has a phenomenal body, wants you to know that you don’t need to have a phenomenal body to look good in jeans. All you need is $189.

PPD, which stands for Premium Design Denim, is the men’s line. Likewise, you can be a fatty, as long as you’ve got the cash. But try not to be a fatty.

Paige has a lot of competition for jeans-wearers in the area, including upscale AG Adriano Goldschmied on Columbus between 74th and 75th, slightly less expensive Lucky Brand Jeans a block South on Columbus, and Urban Outfitters on 72nd and Broadway.

The company’s only current New York store is at 829 Washington Street in the meatpacking district.{Westside Independent}


OK now it’s me again: Don’t forget about CPW (Amsterdam and 84th) and Barney’s Co-op (Broadway & 76th). Both have great denim selections. You can easily drop $200 on jeans there, too, if you’re so inclined.

Actually, in the world of premium denim, $200 is the new $100. Perhaps I just shop too much, but $200 is no longer shocking to me. I’ve been seeing an alarming number of >$300 jeans, which really is sort of ridiculous.

Anyway, I will definitely check out Paige when it opens.

(If you’re interested in jeans, like, REALLY interested, check out the Denim Debutante site, which I just discovered today. Great reviews of everything denim.)


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