{Chicago Edition}: I Had To Beg a Store To Sell Me This Scarf

I was wandering around Woodfield Mall trying to get my bearings in the sea of artificial lighting, when I happened upon an Anthropologie. There’s not one close to me in NYC. I love the colorful, vintage-inspired clothes there, so I popped in to take a look.

Perched atop a mannequin wearing a crisp white linen dress was this exquisite and happy scarf. Doesn’t it make you want to drink a margarita?

My sister thinks it’s ridiculous that people wear scarves in the summer, but they are a perfect year-round accessory if you take the color and weight of the fabric into account. I have quite a few scarves–possibly more scarves than striped outfits. When I get back to NYC I’ll have to figure it out and write a post.

Anyway, I asked one of the salesgirls where I could find this lovely item, and was informed that it was the last one in the store. I asked very nicely if they could sell me the one on the mannequin; it’s not the first time I’ve walked off with an outfit worn by a fiberglass model.

She told me that she couldn’t sell it to me because they were in the middle of inventory and it was already accounted for. I’m sure I had an expression of pure incredulity on my face.

“What? Are you really telling me you will not sell me this scarf?” I inquired.

“Well, I don’t think we can do it. But I’ll ask,” she replied, as if she was doing me the hugest favor ever by allowing me to purchase this $48 scarf.

Readers, I almost walked out. But the lure of that rainbow scarf kept me there, I’m ashamed to admit. And in the end, I got my way. The manager came out, apologized  profusely, and ceremoniously handed over the scarf. Score one for the consumer! How savvy am I?!

After leaving Anthropologie, I walked down to Nordstrom, where I spied a mannequin wearing a long beaded asymmetric necklace. I asked the salesgirl where I could find the necklace. Her reply: “Here, let me take this one off and give it to you so you don’t have to run downstairs.”

EXACTLY! Nordstrom gets it. If I want something, give it to me. And I definitely can’t walk down a flight of stairs, for heaven’s sake.


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