Running Skirts Are For Sissies

I try out a lot of trends. This one, however, I may skip. Francesca first told me about running skirts. They’re apparently popular in the South. I haven’t seen many women here in NYC wearing them.

I walked into my local Equinox (92nd and Broadway) the other day and saw this ruffled skirt outside of the shop. It’s by a brand called “I Run Like a Girl” and they were doing a trunk show there. Great name, awful item of clothing. Under the skirt is a  panty-like knicker contraption.

I’m running the New York City Marathon this year, and I can’t see myself running in a skirt. I want to be a complete hard-ass with rippling calf muscles and 8% body fat. Don’t get me wrong: I love skirts, and anything involving fuchsia. But it’s different when I’m running.

Jessica Simpson rocking her Nike Tempo shorts (Image courtesy of Fitsugar)

Much to MILo’s dismay, I remain loyal to my Nike Tempo Track Shorts. He thinks they’re completely unflattering on every woman (in a diaper-like way.) Whatever. Central Park is full of women wearing them. They have the most comfortable waistband ever invented and come in tons of fun colors. (Find them on the UWS at Super Runners Shop, 360 Amsterdam b/w 77th and 78th)

When Usain Bolt starts wearing running skirts, then I will, too.



  1. Michael Chadwick · June 30, 2010

    I’m an UWS photographer and I frequently shoot for New York Road Runners (including the marathon). I can tell you after looking at thousands of runners this year, that VERY few women (and even less men!) wear those things, but my sister-in-law loves hers!

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