Am I An Old Prude or Is Victoria’s Secret Just Trashy?

I would consider these if they came in a thong version

I was walking down Broadway and I stopped into the Victoria’s Secret near 84th Street because I was hot as hell and needed to cool off. Plus there were a zillion people in there so I thought maybe something exciting was going on inside. I am never one to pass up a retail event.

There wasn’t anything going on. Just people shopping maniacally for lingerie and panties. I felt like I was in a cartoon and there were brightly colored dainties flying everywhere.

I took a walk around the store to check it out, because it’s been a while since I’ve been in Victoria’s Secret (make whatever conclusion you’d like about that last statement).  I was wandering around in the PINK department, which is VS’s younger and hipper line, geared towards teens to twenty-somethings. I saw a lot of tweens shopping there. Yes, girls barely old enough to wear a bra, let alone something that looks like this:

My fave is the bottom row, second from the right

“Wanna Make Out?” “Yes Please!” Oh, dear Lord. Thank goodness I have two boys. Though what kind of hussies are they going to be bringing home for me to meet?? It’s the Snooki-ization of American girls.

Those girls are going to end up wearing these when they get older:

Don't we all

I am hiking up my granny panties and going to read the Bible now.



  1. Shirlsmor · June 28, 2010

    The last time I used “panties” was to describe the “panty raid” at U of M. Grandma called them “bloomers” and my mom, “underpants”. Why don’t you mount a contest to find a more appropriate word?

  2. Call me, Ben · June 28, 2010

    “I would consider these if they came in a thong” – doesn’t sound too granny panty, bible reading to me. You might as well buy the “Up All Night” panties

  3. Gabi · February 11, 2013

    First of all: “Panties” is an adorable word.
    Anyway. I’m 19 and I (like to think I) dress fashionably, but VS is really trashy. I cried when my mom dragged me in there as a child. These days, I look the other way as I walk by at the mall and, sorry, but I think poorly of people who walk around with VS shopping bags. I hate stuff like, “You want me.” How arrogant can you be?

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