I Saw Larry David and Walked Through His Set. Plus Other Things on Columbus Today

I got yelled at for taking pictures. Not by Larry David, unfortunately

Whew! I was on Columbus in the 70s today headed to an appointment. It was the street to see and be seen on, let me tell you.

First of all, the Starbucks on 73rd and Columbus is probably the most stylish one on the Upper West Side. I saw a girl wearing a perfect pair of cut-off denim boyfriend shorts, a slouchy t-shirt, magenta Chuck Taylors, and matching magenta Blackberry sticking out of her back pocket. I also saw an older woman in a white t-shirt tucked into a neat straight navy blue skirt. The wow factor was the kelly green belt and patent kelly green boat shoes. She looked so put together.

Then as I wandered up Columbus I noticed a film set in front of Isabella’s (77th and Columbus). There were a lot of people craning their necks, so I figured there might be someone to look at. Larry David. Not exactly the Sarah Jessica Parker or Madonna sighting I usually hope for, but not a bad one, either. And a member of the staff yelled at me, “Move along! You can watch him on the show.” Um, no. I don’t have HBO.  Jackass.

Posh lobby

Then I turned the corner and went into one of the posh buildings on 77th street that faces the grounds of the AMNH. The lobby totally impressed me, so I knew I was in for a treat with the actual apartment. I walked into a living room the size of my apartment, with double floor height windows. Unfortunately I was there in a professional capacity so couldn’t sneak any pictures. Trust me, I was conniving how to do it, but PR people were surrounding me at all times. I did get a lovely organic facial, though. My review will appear on Fashionista.com tomorrow.

I hope I don't appear. I was a little sweaty



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  2. Avi · June 30, 2010

    Next time tackle Larry. Then you will definitely be on an episode. Or arrested. Either way, funny.

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