Street Style at Lady Gaga

So the Gaga show at Madison Square Garden last night was amazing. My feet are killing me from standing all night in the center “standing room only” section, and my shoes are a bit worse for the wear thanks to the beer puddles, but we had a great view.

The people-watching was almost as good as Lady Gaga’s performance. I’m really kicking myself that I didn’t do some extreme fashion. Lots of people in the audience did. Halloween is my favorite holiday! If I can’t wear my hot pink wig to a Lady Gaga concert, where CAN I wear it?

I took a lot of street style pictures and would like to share them here. (Originally posted on Fashionista). OK, so MSG is not technically on the UWS, but Gaga is from here, right???

The best moment of the night by far was the closing number, “Bad Romance.” Damn, that girl can flat out perform trashy pop numbers.

Click through for some small grainy concert photos and some kooky concert-goers. Guess which one is my favorite. (Hint: yellow tape):


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