Carry a Big Stick: Piñatas in the Park

I stopped for a break with Snow White (my loyal bike) on the park benches in Riverside Park right above the soccer fields at 101st Street. There was a lot of commotion down below—exuberant salsa music playing, soccer games happening, and a group of families gathered around…something. I wandered down the stairs for a closer look and saw:

A line holding clay pots,which had been turned into makeshift piñatas, was suspended in a corner of the playing field. The kids were having a blast trying to bash them with an enormous stick, after first being blind-folded and spun around in circles.

My children love piñatas. Someone always narrowly misses getting whacked with a bat/stick/fireplace implement, and then invariably the smallest kid gets smothered by all the others while everyone greedily goes after candy. It was no different here. I was trying to remember what little trauma training I’ve had in case I was called upon to take care of a bloody disaster.

But no. Just laughing, singing, and dancing. It was fantastic to watch.

I tried to watch the game for a while, but soccer is still an unfathomable sport to me.

Soccer match. Or the footie, as we should call it now. World Cup, you know

Then I noticed the guy in the below photo. I was amused to see his shirt, and even more amused to hear a conversation next to me. Two 20-something girls were discussing the shirt. “What does that mean and who’s Frankie?” “I think it was a song or something. Oh, and a shirt.”  I guess I shouldn’t laugh. She’s right.

I haven't seen one of these shirts in 20 years


One comment

  1. Shirlsmor · July 10, 2010

    Did you have a whack at it yourself, and if so, did you share your candy?

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