Canine Couture and Coiffure

Well, if this isn’t just adding insult to injury! A few months ago one of my favorite boutiques, Plaza Too (Broadway just north of 79th Street) shut down. It was one of the few places that one could find really decent and fashionable shoes in our neighborhood. They carried Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Tory Burch, and lots of less expensive brands. They had great handbags, too. I shed a tear, gave a little salute to the empty storefront, and hoped for the best.

Now a store called Canine Styles has moved in. Banks, baby stores, and d0g stores are becoming ubiquitious in our neighborhood. I have nothing against dogs or babies, though they are both rather messy, poopy disasters. So are banks, come to think of it.

Anyway, I checked out Canine Styles’ website and nearly had an aneurysm. At first glance it looks promising, mentioning the “Fall Winter 2010 Collection” and offering pretty $150 cashmere blankets and accessories. Until you realize… IT’S FOR DOGS.

The Upper West Side couldn’t support a boutique that sold moderately-expensive (we’re not talking Louboutin here) shoes but it can support cashmere for animals that will probably chew it up and shed on it? I’m outraged. All I want is a shoe that doesn’t have a clog for a heel.


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