Whole Foods Going for “It-Bag” Status

I spend an inordinate amount of time at Whole Foods (808 Columbus). There are several reasons for this. First, it’s dangerously close to my apartment. Second, I don’t plan meals well and am constantly running out of things. Third, I go there in order to avoid Gristedes, whose cashiers are even ruder than those at Duane Reade, if you can believe it.

Whole Foods reusable bags have become a bit of a status symbol here on the Upper West Side. I see them everywhere, with their owners looking smug: “Screw you, BP. I’m carrying this reusable Whole Foods bag.” OK, OK, I use them, too! They give you TEN CENTS OFF YOUR ORDER for every bag you bring in. Who can pass that up?

While paying for groceries the other day, I noticed that they are selling huge canvas messenger bags now. Who would use these? There are countless good-looking messenger bags that don’t  a) provide a store with free advertising and b) aren’t done in a color palette that would please a six-year-old.

Perhaps Whole Foods can take a cue from the French. The French supermarket chain Monoprix has just hired Vincent Sartel, a former leather goods designer for Louis Vuitton, to design handbags to be sold in the store. You can get cheese and a decent handbag all in the same place? Sign me up!

Go into Verve (Columbus between 73rd and 74th) if you need an amazing bag. Go to Whole Foods for good tomatoes.

Bags from the Monoprix line (Image from WWD)


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