I Really Love My…..

…new Fallon earrings. I was in my favorite Upper West Side shopping mecca, Barney’s CO-OP on Broadway, and I noticed the shop girl unloading a big box of jewelry into the display cases. Being a sucker for jewelry  and also incredibly nosey, I took a peek. *GASP!* She pulled out bags of Fallon creations. It was like winning Cheryl Candy Land.

Fallon, for the uninitiated, is a jewelry line designed by Dana Lorenz, who was recently nominated for a CFDA award. She has two jewelry lines, one more luxury and expensive, one funkier and a bit cheaper. In the industry her line is generally known as Fenton/Fallon, but it’s technically two separate lines. A lot of celebs wear her work, but that should never be a consideration when you’re buying jewelry.

I’ve written (gushed, really) about her work a few times for Fashionista and I own some of her pieces, including the line she did in collaboration with J.Crew. (Still waiting for version 2.0 of that collab.) Anyway, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her, though I’m sure I was more impressed with the encounter than she was.

These earrings are from her fall line, and I am loving the combination of the mint alabaster crystals with the red. Stunning. A word of warning though. You must have lobes of steel to wear them. Like a lot of her jewelry, it’s heavy. And chunky. And not twee.

So run over to Barney’s and check it out. Or you can just admire mine from afar.



  1. WoWo!! · July 28, 2010

    Is that YOUR jewelry box? Good lord LADY!!! Forget Barney’s, I will shop at Cheryl’s!

    • UpperWestSideCheryl · July 28, 2010

      Hahaha! I just have some very LARGE necklaces. Plus I never throw anything away

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