Peer Groups Dress Alike. Shocker.

Cut off denim skirts, boxy white T's, sneakers, identical hobo bags. Creepy.

As an observer of style and fashion, I’ve noticed this phenomenon quite a bit. I’m sure it’s not a shocking revelation to all you sociologists out there, but peer groups tend to dress alike. I notice it constantly on the street. It appears in both genders and all ages.

This group really struck me because they are IDENTICAL. Two of the three were even carrying the exact same bag. I took advantage of my place behind them and shot this. (As a sidebar, I’m sure I garner some questioning looks from passersby for the weird shots I take. MILo is often embarrassed by my stealth-paparazzi methods. He is convinced I’ll be beat up one day. )

I’ve seen this happen with my friends, too, though I will never admit it. We are all unique dressers, damn it, and don’t look for the approval of our peer group.

Must go run and see what Celine is wearing out to dinner tonight….


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