Barnes & Noble Near Lincoln Center To Be Replaced By Century 21?? Wha??

Image from Racked NY

Well, is this the direction the Upper West Side is going? Is it becoming merely another vapid fashion neighborhood?? According to Racked NY and MyUpperWest, the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble may be replaced by Century 21, that crowded, hot, annoying bastion of discounted designer clothing. Read More


An Animal Print That Won’t Make You Look Like A Cougar

These self-portraits are getting old. I need a private photog to follow me around. My 7-year-old tries really hard but his angles are weird

There are some very obvious trends that have appeared for Fall 2010. One of them is leopard print. Now, this is a dangerous road to take. One of the 7,000 fashion magazines I read this summer made the observation that perhaps you should only wear animal prints if you’re in your 20s (reads as ironic and cute) or your 60s (this counts as a neutral at that age). If your age falls anywhere in between these two parameters, you could be heading into the dangerous lair of the “cougar.”

I took this advice to heart, because I sort of agree with it. Leopard print can scream “Real Housewives of New Jersey (but not in a good way).” The problem is, I sort of like the print. I was keeping an eye out for a good shoe or bag when I ran across this Nom de Plume dress at the new Upper West Side Urban Outfitters (2629 Broadway.)

The print is subtle, yet still sort of wows. I’d call the print “Lynx.” Which is sort of funny, because I think that’s the name that’s been given to women in their 30s who are on the prowl.  Anyway, the cut is vintage-inspired, yet a modern length. I wore it today  in 90-degree+ weather, but it will transition to fall beautifully with some tights, boots, and a big cardigan.

And for a piece that will probably feel trendy next year, the price was right. Yes, it’s 100% polyester, but it doesn’t look nor feel cheap. And all for a mere $88.


New York Fashion Week: Lincoln Center Updates

New York Fashion Week (September 9-16) is quickly approaching and this means that fashion-y people will be descending on the Upper West Side for the first time in, uh, well…ever. As you know, Lincoln Center will be hosting Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for the first time, ending a long run at Bryant Park. There is tons of news about how the venue and neighborhood is prepping for the event.

Since I live for this crap, I feel it’s my duty to share the details. Are you ready for the onslaught of oh-so-stylish people, Upper West Side? Here’s a brief summary: Read More

Rag & Bone To Open On Columbus Avenue

Capes and leather. Perfect for strolling through Riverside Park

An unparalleled and momentous shopping experience is coming to the Upper West Side. Racked NY reports that Rag & Bone is opening up in the former Peter’s restaurant space (68th and Columbus). If you’re not familiar with Rag & Bone, a small sampling of their delicious goods can be found at the Barney’s CO-OP on Broadway.

Marcus Wainwright and David Neville got their start designing menswear, and this year they won the CFDA award for best menswear designer. They’ve been designing women’s wear since 2005, and it gets better every season. Read More

Surfing, Ditch Plains Style {Montauk Edition}

Post-surfing. That is me w/the yellow crunchy hair

Surf fashion is having a moment now, in places that are nowhere near a wave. The NYT recently reported about a big surf shop opening in Times Square. Cynthia Rowley, a designer from Chicago, teamed up with Roxy to design for them.  The surf aesthetic is hot now.

Apparently these people who are into so-called surf fashion have never tried on an actual wetsuit. Nothing like a half inch of rubberized material to flatter one’s shape. (More on this later.) Read More

It’s Important To Protect Your Jewels At The Beach {Montauk Edition}

OK, so Montauk is very, very close to the wealthy playground that is the Hamptons. As such, I get easy access to all the various Hamptons-specific publications that are lying around outside every boutique and coffee shop.

I always pick up Dan’s Papers, a free Hamptons weekly chock full of horrible writing and hilarious pictures of socialites gathered at various events, where everyone is crisply outfitted in prisitine summer white or flirty dresses.

I came across this ad for the “GemSafe.” Immediately I had several reactions.

Do people bring a lot of jewels to their beach homes? I brought my beloved pink ToyWatch Jelly. It’s rubber. I also brought a pair of Alice + Olivia pants that require dry cleaning. When I asked my friend Kindra (a former NYC’er who decamped to Montauk to unplug for a year) where I could get dry-cleaning done in Montauk, I could almost hear the sneer in her text response: “Why do you need a dry-cleaner? You’re on vacation!” Exactly.

My second question: What the hell is up with that swimsuit bottom and hair? She looks straight out of an 80s Robert Palmer video. Cut high-on-the-hip bikini? *shudder*  And as far as I know, there are no topless beaches in the Hamptons.

I wonder if GemSafe makes a special champagne fridge. Or small closet for one’s ascots. Or a polisher for your riding boots.


Caption This: Boat in Block Island, RI

We took a ferry from Montauk over to Block Island, RI. Block Island is a boaters’ paradise, unless, like Five and I, you have horrible motion sickness and tend to barf on boats. Poor Five spewed all over the deck of the high-speed ferry, and I’m grateful to the gracious staff who cleaned it up and didn’t act pissed off about it.

But this is a yucky topic. Let’s move on to luxury watercraft. While walking up the dock and ogling all the very large and expensive looking yachts, I spied this one:

The captain of someone's lonely heart (that quip courtesy of @thetearooms, aka Erik)

Interesting choice of first mate, no??