Hello From Long Island {Montauk Edition}

Quintessential Montauk. Surf and beach bikes

I have been getting settled into a slower life here and it has been magnificent. I went THREE WHOLE DAYS without opening my computer. I have eaten corn three times in four days. I ran ten miles along Old Montauk Highway, which is full of hills and zigzags and panoramic views of the ocean.

The rest and recharge plan is going well. Ideas are coming slowly but surely, as are Seven’s baseball skills.

And as expected, I’m bombarded daily with images and ideas for this blog. Here are a few examples of things I’ve been seeing:

This piece of art is called (rather appropriately) "Big Duck". It is located in Flanders on Long Island, nestled in among the Hamptons.

My view. Heaven and earth and water. And wine.

Fuchsia dress catching the breeze

Next up: I go horseback riding and hilarity ensues.



  1. Dad · August 4, 2010

    Darn, I wish we could be there with you! Have fun & be careful!

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