Eau De Doh and Bloggers, Too

Yes, Play-Doh smells really good. Not sure I would wear the scent. Will stick with my Burberry Sheer for now

I’ve been back in NYC for the past 2 days attending the BlogHer 2010 conference. Some 2500 mostly women bloggers converged on the Hilton on 6th Avenue to learn and network. Being a relatively new blogger, I was excited to go.

Unfortunately I’ve been really sick and was lucky to be able to hold my head up yesterday, let alone gossip and network. However, I learned a lot despite my avenging sinuses.

The FTC guidelines for bloggers are confusing, and contrary to popular belief, bloggers can’t be fined for breaking them.  Yet. I also heard a panel speak about the state of fashion blogging, and decided I never ever want advertising on my site. I just want to be able to love and hate things without bias, with complete transparency.

The oddest thing about the conference was the sponsor swag. Wow, they were giving away some great crap. Companies are finally starting to see the power of word-of-mouth. A random list of some of the things I picked up:

  • Meat thermometer printed with: “Pork–the other white meat”
  • Play-doh (and the eerily accurate Play-doh cologne pictured above)
  • Several water bottles
  • An egg that you crack open and a plant grows. Really. That’s the best I can describe it
  • A Jimmy Dean sausage alarm clock (this has MILo Christmas gift written all over it)
  • A sponge handed out to me by a Real Housewife of New York (the blonde one)
  • Laundry detergent samples
  • Kleenex and Purell (very timely considering the condition of my nose)
  • Tempur-pedic neck pillow (nice!)

I also registered to win about 87 iPads, so I’m waiting for the email on that. I’ll give you guys one if I have any extra.

Off to Penn Station now and back to Montauk….au revoir.



  1. kalisa · August 10, 2010

    It was nice meeting you at BlogHer! I’m kinda bummed I didn’t get one of those temperpedic pillows. But I’m loving my WHBM thumbdrive in the shape of a lipstick!

    • UpperWestSideCheryl · August 10, 2010

      Hi Kalisa! So sorry I didn’t get to spend more time w/everyone. I was feeling like death warmed over. Really annoyed that I missed out on so much. However, you are lovely and your blog is fantastic!

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