New York Fashion Week: Lincoln Center Updates

New York Fashion Week (September 9-16) is quickly approaching and this means that fashion-y people will be descending on the Upper West Side for the first time in, uh, well…ever. As you know, Lincoln Center will be hosting Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for the first time, ending a long run at Bryant Park. There is tons of news about how the venue and neighborhood is prepping for the event.

Since I live for this crap, I feel it’s my duty to share the details. Are you ready for the onslaught of oh-so-stylish people, Upper West Side? Here’s a brief summary:

  • Fashion’s Night Out Runway Show: Sept 7 at Lincoln Center. Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) is the brainchild of Anna Wintour at Vogue (more on this later). This event is meant to kick off Fashion Week in what is being touted as  “the largest public fashion show in NYC history.”  Yes, public. As in, normal people can come. Except, you can’t. Tickets sold out in record time. Proceeds will benefit the NYC AIDS Fund. A staggering 200 models will traipse down the runway showing you looks that you can find this fall. No, I don’t have a ticket. Yes, I’m irritated by it. Yes, I may try to crash it. Shhh.
  • September 9th: Industry fashion shows begin, including the taping of the current season Project Runway finale. Security is going to be tighter than the Chelsea Clinton wedding. Last year they made 12 PR contestants do collections and send them down the runway so that no one would know who the top three were. We can’t be trusted with such important military information!
  • Fashion’s Night Out: September 10 in the evening. So this was hatched last year to get people back into the stores to SHOP. The fashion industry has been hard-hit, so it’s basically a party to kick off the traditional fall shopping season. Retailers all over the city (and it’s actually spread globally) will be hosting events and hoping you spend a buck or two. Check here to search for events at UWS retailers. And if you’d like to leave the neighborhood to party with celebrities and people who are much hipper than you (hello, Olsen sisters!) please see this list compiled by Fashionista.
  • There is going to be a lot of traffic and street closures. Deal with it. And lots of annoying limousines blocking the street while you’re trying to get to the 66th Street 1 station to go to your boring, non-glamorous job at which there are no scantily dressed models.
  • There may be a picket line. The union Local One, which usually handles events at Lincoln Center, claims that they didn’t agree to cover events in the tents and in Damrosch Park. I hope they dress that big inflatable rat in Marc Jacobs Fall 2010. Luscious. Update (Aug 27): The labor dispute has been resolved.
  • There is going to be really good food (for only 4 days). WWD reports that Bon Appétit  magazine will be hosting the Bon Appétit Café (sporting the hilariously ridiculous tagline “Where Food Meets Fashion”). From Sept 12-16 in the lobby of Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall you will find food from such culinary luminaries as Daniel Boulud, Mario Batali, Rick Bayless, Bill Telepan, and many many others. YUM. And the best news? It’s open to the public for breakfast, lunch, and small-plate dinners.

So that’s all I know for now. Watch this space for a survival guide (since I’m a veteran of exactly one NY Fashion Week, I’m highly qualified to write this.) And I’ll be there writing for Fashionista, so expect lots of pictures of B-list celebrities and gorgeous shoes.

Click through to see some of the shots I took in February at the Fall shows:



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