An Animal Print That Won’t Make You Look Like A Cougar

These self-portraits are getting old. I need a private photog to follow me around. My 7-year-old tries really hard but his angles are weird

There are some very obvious trends that have appeared for Fall 2010. One of them is leopard print. Now, this is a dangerous road to take. One of the 7,000 fashion magazines I read this summer made the observation that perhaps you should only wear animal prints if you’re in your 20s (reads as ironic and cute) or your 60s (this counts as a neutral at that age). If your age falls anywhere in between these two parameters, you could be heading into the dangerous lair of the “cougar.”

I took this advice to heart, because I sort of agree with it. Leopard print can scream “Real Housewives of New Jersey (but not in a good way).” The problem is, I sort of like the print. I was keeping an eye out for a good shoe or bag when I ran across this Nom de Plume dress at the new Upper West Side Urban Outfitters (2629 Broadway.)

The print is subtle, yet still sort of wows. I’d call the print “Lynx.” Which is sort of funny, because I think that’s the name that’s been given to women in their 30s who are on the prowl.  Anyway, the cut is vintage-inspired, yet a modern length. I wore it today  in 90-degree+ weather, but it will transition to fall beautifully with some tights, boots, and a big cardigan.

And for a piece that will probably feel trendy next year, the price was right. Yes, it’s 100% polyester, but it doesn’t look nor feel cheap. And all for a mere $88.



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