Barnes & Noble Near Lincoln Center To Be Replaced By Century 21?? Wha??

Image from Racked NY

Well, is this the direction the Upper West Side is going? Is it becoming merely another vapid fashion neighborhood?? According to Racked NY and MyUpperWest, the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble may be replaced by Century 21, that crowded, hot, annoying bastion of discounted designer clothing.

I actually still buy books at B&N. Well, not at that location. The one a bit further uptown on Broadway in the 80s is my choice. I like to touch and smell books and I will never buy an e-reader.  Though I said I’d never get a Blackberry either, so clearly I backpedal a little. It makes me sad to see a bookstore close, although there is probably a small bit of karmic payback in all this. How many small independent bookstores closed because of B&N?

A Century 21 here on the the Upper West Side could be the crown jewel in the Upper West Side’s discount shopping, which now consists of Loehmann’s, TJ Maxx, and Filene’s Basement. I’ve said before that I’m not a huge fan of these stores, but I could definitely get behind Century 21. If you’re patient, zen-like, and have the instincts of a predator, you can find amazing designer pieces at crazy low prices.


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