Make-up Fail, An Airstream, and Manolo Blahnik

I bet I really sucked you in with that headline, right? I just have a few random things to discuss and am too lazy to do three separate posts. So here goes:

1) I attempted to get my NARS make-over at Bluemercury on Saturday afternoon. They called me not once, but twice to confirm my appointment. I showed up 15 minutes early, then proceeded to wait for a half hour. No one was particularly apologetic. And I was trying to ask questions about some of the perfumes they carry and the salesgirl looked completely unintersted in helping me, and knew nothing about the products. Big, fat  customer service fail, Bluemercury. For the prices you are charging, I’m really sort of irate at you. So…no make-over. It was 90 degrees, anyway. Too hot for a face full of make-up. I’ll have to go elsewhere. A few more weeks of my make-up minimalism, I guess.

2) A Hush Puppies-branded Airstream was parked right in front of Talbots and Harry’s Shoes on Broadway this past Saturday, essentially forming a Bermuda Triangle of fashion dumpiness on the block. Read More


Get A Free Makeover At Bluemercury

While I pride myself on my knowledge of fashion, when it comes to makeup I’m a disaster. I’ve been wearing the same look since about 1997. And by “look” I mean smudge of some neutral eye shadow, mascara, and a small pat of Bobbi Brown powder. I never wear lipstick. I’m absolutely terrified of it. In recent years I’ve tried some tinted lip glosses. That was major for me.

After watching tons of beautiful women stomp down runways wearing gorgeous make-up, I’ve decided to face my fears and try something different.

Bluemercury (2305 Broadway, (212)799-0500) is hosting make-over parties for the next few weekends from 11am to 6pm to introduce customers to the new fall make-up lines. Yes, they will try to sell you makeup. But they always give out great goody bags and have refreshments (wine!) at their in-store events.  The dates/brands are:

NARS Party Fri September 24 & Sat September 25
Bobbi Brown Party Fri October 8 & Sat October 9
Trish McEvoy Party Fri October 22 & Sat October 23
Laura Mercier Party Fri November 5 & Sat November 6

I’m going to do NARS, because it’s the most colorful and outlandish brand of the four. I’m going to get teal eyelids. Or something.

Watch this space….I may possibly post before and after pics. It should be stunning. Sort of like Susan Boyle.

Piperlime’s New Ad Campaign Is Brilliant

I’m sure you’ve seen these Piperlime ads around. I snapped a picture of this one in the 70s on Broadway. They are presenting the exact message that I try to get across through this blog. Except they have a large advertising budget. Oh, and they’re trying to run a business and make money and I’m just doing it for the good of mankind.

But seriously. What they are really saying is: “Put away the $3 thrift store jeans and chef’s pants because you look like hell.” I wholeheartedly agree with this message. Get yourself a nice pair of shoes and a shirt that you didn’t get free from a race in 2006.

*rant over*

Trend! Leopard Is Here

These are on my wishlist. Giuseppe Zanotti. A mere $1200. Sigh.

So I knew leopard was going to be a big trend for fall, thanks to the runways and September fashion magazines. But these past few weeks I’ve seen the trend in action at fashion shows all over the city and at Lincoln Center particularly. Lest you think I’m exaggerating, the pics that follow were taken in the space of only one hour at Lincoln Center. I saw this print EVERYWHERE. Yes, soon you’ll be wearing it, too. Forget what I said in my earlier post about it being tricky. It looks great in real life (well, except for the woman who did leopard bag and leopard dress. Overkill, cherie.) Proceed to the slideshow, pronto:

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Is The Upper West Side Really The Most Unfashionable Neighborhood in the WHOLE WORLD?!?!

I was interviewed by Leslie Albrecht (whose beat is the UWS) from DNAInfo because she found my blog and wanted my take on Upper West Side style. The fact that fashion week is now held in our neighborhood is possibly *ahem* amusing to some people. 

Anyway, she interviewed several people on the street and the results are thoroughly horrifying to me. Proceed with caution. (Oh, but I was excited to see that the lovely Terry Ross, jeweler extraordinaire, was interviewed. She described my demographic perfectly):

Are you wetting your pants from laughing? I certainly did. Now, I COULD take issue with the citizens that Ms.Albrecht chose to interview. I’m quite certain that at least one put-together mommy crossed her path. But no. She chose the guy in cook’s pants and the woman with thrift store jeans. Sigh. 

We have a lot of work to do, people.

A Lone PETA Supporter Outside Of Lincoln Center


Where is he hiding his red paint cans?


No fashion show is ever complete without hordes of angry PETA supporters. Oddly enough, this is the only one I’ve seen outside of Lincoln Center the whole week. He doesn’t seem that outraged. Good thing he hasn’t seen all the fur vests inside.

Like abortion, the Pope, and Coach handbags, I’ll keep my opinion of fur to myself.

The Fur Vest Trend Is Huge At Lincoln Center This Week


This guy may have taken the fur vest trend a tad too literally, but I love him for walking around like this.


Fur vests, both faux and the real thing, are going to be huge this fall. Editors and other fashionable types have been wearing Wookie vests all week at Lincoln Center, with varying degrees of success. To me, the ones that have a little less volume and a little more length are the most flattering. Also, keep whatever else you’re wearing very simple. The fur is enough, trust me.

My friend Lu tagged along with me to a few shows. She was kicking herself that she didn’t wear her vest, which was given to her as a gift. She thought it might be a bit too over the top. Her husband told her,  “Baby, if you can’t wear fur to a f*cking fashion show, where CAN you wear it??” Exactly. 

In other UWS sartorial news, Five had his first day of Kindergarten today and had to wear a blazer, button down shirt, and tie. He was so eager to put it on, until he finally put it on. He kept moaning, “This is SO uncomfortable” and fidgeted the entire 45 minute orientation at school. Thank goodness he only needs to wear it three times a year. He’d better go into a “creative” profession where grungey workwear is allowed.