Labor Day Weekend on the Upper West Side

We didn’t have to worry about being killed by riptides and gale-force winds because we decided to stay on the Upper West Side for Labor Day weekend.

I love spending holiday and summer weekends at home sometimes. You can get into restaurants that usually only supermodels and famous people are allowed into on normal Saturdays. We went to Momofuku in the East Village, where I had the spiciest sausage dish known to mankind. This was washed down by a Compost Cookie at Momofuku Milk Bar next door. Best. Cookie. Ever. I know. It’s not on the Upper West Side. Click through for some images from the weekend:

Random feel-good graffiti on the corner of 94th and Broadway


Signage for the spring/summer 2011 shows at Lincoln Center. Yay!


We were sitting on the southern edge of the Great Lawn picnicking, when this unpleasant mass of smoke appeared over Belvedere Castle. NYPD told us it was from a high rise fire on 68th and Columbus, but there was also a fire at the pier at 57th street, so who knows the origin


Pretty "Big Apple" cupcakes at Crumb's new shop, which is ironically situated right between Equinox, the new Modell's, and Pure Yoga.


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