The Fur Vest Trend Is Huge At Lincoln Center This Week


This guy may have taken the fur vest trend a tad too literally, but I love him for walking around like this.


Fur vests, both faux and the real thing, are going to be huge this fall. Editors and other fashionable types have been wearing Wookie vests all week at Lincoln Center, with varying degrees of success. To me, the ones that have a little less volume and a little more length are the most flattering. Also, keep whatever else you’re wearing very simple. The fur is enough, trust me.

My friend Lu tagged along with me to a few shows. She was kicking herself that she didn’t wear her vest, which was given to her as a gift. She thought it might be a bit too over the top. Her husband told her,  “Baby, if you can’t wear fur to a f*cking fashion show, where CAN you wear it??” Exactly. 

In other UWS sartorial news, Five had his first day of Kindergarten today and had to wear a blazer, button down shirt, and tie. He was so eager to put it on, until he finally put it on. He kept moaning, “This is SO uncomfortable” and fidgeted the entire 45 minute orientation at school. Thank goodness he only needs to wear it three times a year. He’d better go into a “creative” profession where grungey workwear is allowed.


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