Get A Free Makeover At Bluemercury

While I pride myself on my knowledge of fashion, when it comes to makeup I’m a disaster. I’ve been wearing the same look since about 1997. And by “look” I mean smudge of some neutral eye shadow, mascara, and a small pat of Bobbi Brown powder. I never wear lipstick. I’m absolutely terrified of it. In recent years I’ve tried some tinted lip glosses. That was major for me.

After watching tons of beautiful women stomp down runways wearing gorgeous make-up, I’ve decided to face my fears and try something different.

Bluemercury (2305 Broadway, (212)799-0500) is hosting make-over parties for the next few weekends from 11am to 6pm to introduce customers to the new fall make-up lines. Yes, they will try to sell you makeup. But they always give out great goody bags and have refreshments (wine!) at their in-store events.  The dates/brands are:

NARS Party Fri September 24 & Sat September 25
Bobbi Brown Party Fri October 8 & Sat October 9
Trish McEvoy Party Fri October 22 & Sat October 23
Laura Mercier Party Fri November 5 & Sat November 6

I’m going to do NARS, because it’s the most colorful and outlandish brand of the four. I’m going to get teal eyelids. Or something.

Watch this space….I may possibly post before and after pics. It should be stunning. Sort of like Susan Boyle.


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