Make-up Fail, An Airstream, and Manolo Blahnik

I bet I really sucked you in with that headline, right? I just have a few random things to discuss and am too lazy to do three separate posts. So here goes:

1) I attempted to get my NARS make-over at Bluemercury on Saturday afternoon. They called me not once, but twice to confirm my appointment. I showed up 15 minutes early, then proceeded to wait for a half hour. No one was particularly apologetic. And I was trying to ask questions about some of the perfumes they carry and the salesgirl looked completely unintersted in helping me, and knew nothing about the products. Big, fat ¬†customer service fail, Bluemercury. For the prices you are charging, I’m really sort of irate at you. So…no make-over. It was 90 degrees, anyway. Too hot for a face full of make-up. I’ll have to go elsewhere. A few more weeks of my make-up minimalism, I guess.

2) A Hush Puppies-branded Airstream was parked right in front of Talbots and Harry’s Shoes on Broadway this past Saturday, essentially forming a Bermuda Triangle of fashion dumpiness on the block.

These'll do.

3) So to counteract the bad Hush Puppies school shoe flashbacks I’m getting, I leave you with this amazing quote from shoe maestro Manolo Blahnik: “IF I HAD MY WAY, SEX WOULD BE LONG GONE FROM MY LIFE, ALTHOUGH I CAN’T BANISH IT FROM MY SHOES. MEN TELL ME THAT I’VE SAVED THEIR MARRIAGES. IT COSTS THEM A FORTUNE IN SHOES, BUT IT’S CHEAPER THAN A DIVORCE.” -from Harper’s Bazaar, Oct 2010


One comment

  1. christine ita · October 16, 2010

    I never go to Blue Mercury anymore…I tried to buy a tube of lipstick in a particular shade and twice, they were out of it, and this was months apart ….very disappointing…

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