UWS Gossip: SJP Looking At Apartments And Matt Damon’s Kid Has Tantrums, Too

I was reliably informed by my  tipster/informer/celebrity spy  that Sarah Jessica Parker is looking at apartments here on the Upper West Side, near the American Museum of Natural History. I’m sure this is because she wants to be close to the Shake Shack.  She now has three children, so of course her little townhouse  in the West Village is probably too small. And a double stroller on those streets?? Forget about it! Come up here to the burbs of Manhattan, SJP! I’ll take you shopping.

And in Matt Damon news, apparently his daughter had a meltdown after school in front of everyone. See? Celebrities ARE just like us. He reportedly handled the whole thing  with aplomb, though. Which is not really like me, because probably I would have screamed, then pleaded, then offered a bribe of some sort. Like Pokemon cards. Celebrities are nothing like us. Thank goodness no one writes about my kids’ tantrums in blogs.


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