Fashion Photography In A Dunkin Donuts?

I was in an Upper West Side Dunkin Donuts last week w/Five (don’t judge me—I was on my way to a Jedi birthday party and needed coffee). I noticed this very large machine in the corner, and on further inspection found it to be a hand sanitizer dispenser.

Hmm. “A nice amenity, especially now that it is flu season,” I thought. Then on closer inspection, I noticed the advertising plastered all over it.

Fashion Wire Press. A service which, for a fee, will provide you with runway photos for your website or blog. Now, taken separately, these are three fairly innocuous objects. An ad for runway photos. A hand sanitizer machine. A Dunkin Donuts. But together? A strange cocktail.

But hey, look, it worked! I’m writing about FWP. Darn sneaky ad agencies…..

(BTW, did you see the monkey clothes for Prada’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection? It was bananas. Fruit is a huge spring trend. I’m not kidding. ):


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