Halloween Is Coming, And Everyone Is Willing To Look Like A Jackass

I love Halloween. I really do. Maybe more than Christmas. Definitely more than Valentine’s Day. I dress up every year and try to never repeat a costume.

Saturday we all went on a costume odyssey. Seven wants to be a ninja, because he wants a “big sword.” Of course he does. He’s a man. Well, he WILL be, hopefully, if I can ever teach him how to safely cross the street. Five hemmed and hawed (Star Wars? Animal? Scary ghost?) until he decided that it would really piss him off if his brother had a big sword, so he’s going to be a ninja, too.

There are about four pop-up costume stores here on the Upper West Side, and we hit them all. After much deliberation, we got the ninja costumes and swords.

I’m going to be a VERY FAMOUS POP STAR. (OK, it’s Gaga). I was Madonna at the height of her popluarity in 1988, so I thought I could pull off Lady Gaga. I couldn’t find a meat dress, but I’m hoping maybe Zabar’s can whip something up in time for the 31st. MILo has the funniest costume ever, but I won’t reveal it until Halloween. Hopefully he’ll let me post a pic here for everyone to admire.

Only two weeks til Halloween! Go find a costume. Don’t be so dull. It’s fun.


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