Have You Seen This Unicorn?

I saw this sign posted on 73rd and Amsterdam. I really like whoever it is that put this up. I almost called the number, but I didn’t want to be disillusioned when it turns out to be some marketing message or something. I was a big collector of unicorn-themed goods (stickers, notebooks, stuffed animals) in my day. I used to draw unicorn heads in the front of all my books. Because that’s tough and pretty much screams out, “Stay the f— away from this book.”

Anyway. I hope they find their unicorn.


One comment

  1. Lyall · October 31, 2010

    UNICORN POWER http://tumblelog.lyall.id.au/post/1063539407/unicornslalalalala

    The t-shirt is now sitting in my wardrobe.

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